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Joz Norris: You Build The Thing You Think You Are

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Joz Norris: You Build The Thing You Think You Are

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20:00 ‐ 21:30
Live Broadcast
Objectively Funny Tapahtumanjärjestäjä Objectively Funny


In 2018 Joz Norris had a breakdown that made him afraid to leave his own flat. In 2019 he was evicted from that flat and had to say goodbye to the identity he had constructed for himself in the eight years he lived there.

You Build The Thing You Think You Are is an absurdist storytelling show about how we construct ourselves, about the accumulation of rubbish both in our heads and in our homes, about feeling more at home in your mind than in your body, and about the struggle to ever share any of this stuff with another human being.

It's about a Romanian Troll/Goblin thing who just wants to sing the hits and learn how to dance; about a Van Morrison gig that accidentally came to be the cornerstone of a personality; and about a gong bath so profound that it caused someone's spine to grow by two inches.

Award-winning idiot Joz Norris (Comedians' Choice Award for Best Show, 2019-21) presents a bold new take on online comedy as he adapts the live stage show he was preparing for Edinburgh 2020 into a film that dips into his imagination, coming as close as he can to the live comedy experience.

Joz Norris is a key member of the Chortle Award-winning Weirdos Collective (Comedy Event of the Year 2018) and is the writer and performer of BBC Radio 4's upcoming stand-up special A Small Talk On Small Talk and the co-creator and co-presenter of BBC Radio 4's Useless Millennials with Roxy Dunn. His 2019 show Joz Norris is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. was one of the word-of-mouth hits of the Fringe and was nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality and the Chortle Award for Best Musical and Variety Act, and transferred to an extended run at Soho Theatre.

You Build The Thing You Think You Are was developed with the support of Battersea Arts Centre.

Q&A Guests & Subjects:

MONDAY 20th JULY - Alex Hardy: Building & Rebuilding
TUESDAY 21st JULY - Saima Ferdows: What Do We Keep & What Do We Change?
WEDNESDAY 22nd JULY - Ben Target: Imagining New Spaces
THURSDAY 23rd JULY - Grace Gibson: Moving House & Moving Bodies
FRIDAY 24th JULY - Sean Morley: Going Your Own Way
SATURDAY 25th JULY - Adam Larter & Aniruddh Ojha: Being Silly

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